Saturday, March 19, 2011

WMM team

World Medical Mission not only sends out physicians to help mission hospitals around the world, they also have a great team of biomedical engineers who are able to help at mission hospitals. 

2 yrs ago Bill Wright, Jim Moore and Ken Thomas came to PNG to help look at some of our stuff.  They fixed a lot of things while they were here and had plans for making our hospital better.  While they were home, they filled up a container with a new generator, xray machine and autoclaves for our hospital.  They also added in a bunch of other things to fill up the container and then had it shipped to us. It has been here for a few months now, but the WMM team just arrived last week.  They have hit the ground running and are working on installing all of our new equipment, improving our power situation with a new generator and helping out with other things as we need them too.  Bill, Ken, Steve, Roger and Don have been such a blessing to us, thanks so much guys.