Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking a stick out of an eye

I don't understand how the stick got in her eye, but somehow it did.  This little girl came in smiling and had some swelling under her L eye.  Her dad said that a week ago, somehow a stick went inside her lower eyelid.  He thought it wasn't anything too bad and so didn't do anything about it, but then just yesterday he realized that he could feel something poking out toward her eye.  He said he tried to pull it out but couldn't.  So I try and examine her, but she just screams and cries, and then I give her some Ketamine so she will sleep.  I got our cool looking magnifying glasses and had a closer look at the inside of her lower eyelid.  There was some pus coming out, and when I tired to brush the pus away, I felt something hard.  So I grabbed some forceps and tried to grab it.  I was quite surprised when the stick just kept on coming.  When it was all out, it was 2 inches in length, which I thought was pretty impressive.  Thankfully, this didn't go into her eye or anything else major in that area.  This brings a whole new meaning to having a speck or a plank in ones eye.