Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bible Study Game Night

We finally finished the book of John in our ladies Bible Study, so we had a game night at Rachel’s house.  There were about 18 of us who came to enjoy the fellowship and play some games.  We introduced them to Jenga, Claymania, Telephone charades and King of the Jungle.  We sure enjoyed a lot of laughs throughout the night. 
I never realized that my understanding of animal sounds, was an American something and that others think they make other sounds.  In King of the Jungle, everyone is a different animal in the jungle and has to make their sound and an action.  Then someone is the King – lion, and you say your sounds following by someone else’s and then they say theirs and someone else’s and you keep going until someone forgets what they are, or doesn’t know what other sounds to make.  It must of taken us at least 20-30 minutes to do figure out what animal each person was going to be.  Someone chose rooster, but there was no cock a doodle do, instead they actually tried to imitate a rooster’s clucking.  There was also no woof-woof, ribbit- ribbit and more.  We were forced to try and actually make the real animal sounds, which I didn’t do too well at, so I often skipped those animals when it was my turn.  But we had fun.

We also had fun playing telephone charades.  Here, one team member acts something out with only one other team member watching.  That 2nd team member then acts out what they saw their first team member doing for the 3rd member, and so on.  It ends up being really funny, as certain actions and parts are forgotten and others are emphasized wrongly, changing everything.  Rachel, got to act out a “whiteskin” crossing a single log bridge.  She did a great job, and we all laughed at her accurate representation of us almost falling while crossing the bridge, while PNGers just run across without any second thoughts.  It was definitely a fun night and one we hope to do again soon.