Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pray for Sandy

Sandy came to us with seizures that wouldn't stop.  She is from the Jimi, a remote area, and had been sick with a fever and headache for a few days, and then she starting having seizures before she got to the ER.  I met her during one of her seizures in the ER.  I didn't know what her story was, but as I looked at the chart, I found that Bill had seen her initially and had given her 3 seizure meds, but she was still seizing.  I gave her some more meds, and continued the process of admitting her and trying to determine what her diagnosis was.  The lumbar puncture we did suggested that she had an infection of her brain and so we treated her as such, concerned she had a brain abscess.
She went from seizing, to being somewhat comatose - not talking, not making any purposeful movements, not eating.  Bill kept treating her and praying for her, and after a few days/weeks we started to see some improvement.  She started drinking and eating some, then she started controlling her left arm, and would raise it up.  Her eyes, that for a while were not focusing on anyone or anything, started to focus, and she would smile when you would come to say hi, and then one day she started talking.  I wasn't there when it happened, but when Bill told me, I started to cry, so thankful for God's work in her life.  Each day she had made progress and was even moving her R arm some, we were so hopeful.  

Unfortunately, this past weekend, she took a turn backwards.  She started having seizures again, with persistent high fevers.  For the past few days she hasn’t been talking, much less moving her arms outside of having a seizure.  We thought we were so close to having her recover, but now we aren’t sure.  Please pray that as we change her meds, she will recover again.  That God might just spare this little girl and her family.  Her brother, Ismeal has been a faithful wasman, always saying morning to you, even if it is afternoon.  Pray for wisdom for us, and for God's healing touch to be upon Sandy.