Monday, May 16, 2011

Anna turns 2

The Crouch family – Mark, Esther and Anna - have joined us for one month as Mark works with us in the hospital as a FP resident.  They are from Tulsa, OK at In His Image.  It has been great having them here and we were privileged enough to have Anna share her birthday with us on Friday.  I haven’t been around too many 2 yo girls, but Anna is very cute. 

She seemed to enjoy her birthday celebration of hobo dinners in the park, smores, birthday cake/cupcakes, presents and a game for the kids.  She wasn’t quite sure what to do with us when we kept singing our Kudjip birthday melody, but she sat patiently waiting for it to stop so she could blow out her candle.  She enjoyed opening the presents with the help of Lexi and Emma Goosens.  The little baby I gave her was quite a hit.  She kept holding it and saying baby, Hi baby.  The McCoys gave her a bilum hat and the Radcliffes a little bilum – so she is going to go home in PNG fashion for sure. 
She also didn’t seem to mind our continued requests for her to smile or look at the camera as we were capturing her cuteness.  Happy Birthday Anna, thanks for sharing it with us.