Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vacation in Madang

This past weekend, Pamela, Steph, Linda and I traveled to Madang for a vacation.  We had a great time of resting and relaxing and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.  We did a lot of swimming and snorkeling and went kayaking one day.  There aren’t a lot of great places to go to in PNG to get away, but Madang is sure one of them.

The fish and the coral were amazing.  I saw lots of different kinds of fish and lots of colors, I wish I knew all the different kinds I saw.  Finding Nemo sure came to life each time I stuck my head in that water.  One time I came across a sea anenome and there was a mommy or daddy clownfish with his little child.  It seemed to me that the parent was coming out to talk to me, to protect his child and try and get me to leave.  The kid clownfish bravely swam from the sea anenome to the side of his parent to see what was going on.  I stayed above them for a number of minutes just observing this dad protecting his child.  Gave me a little insight into the world of fish.  My favorite sea creature is definitely the blue starfish, so bright and colorful, unfortunately the pic didn’t turn out so well.   

When we weren’t in the water, or in a tree, we were usually reading or playing a game.  It was a very relaxing few days.