Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend in Hagen

Becky has been spending every other weekend in Hagen town hanging out with Matt.   I had recently seen Nikolai at the hospital, with her two adorable girls and she invited me to come out for a weekend also, so this past weekend I went out with Becky.  We left on Sat am and we went to a restaurant for lunch, did shopping and cooked dinner for the Balins as well as Jen and Timon (Matt's roommate and girlfriend).  We had a nice meal and then enjoyed Monsters Inc, which the girls especially liked. 
Sunday we went to Matt’s United Church, where they were remembering the first missionaries who came to PNG in 1891 down in Milne Bay Province.  So the Milne Bay folks who go to the church did a number of special items, many in their tok ples, which was neat to hear.  It was encouraging to hear and think about the missionaries who first came to PNG and to see the fruit of their and many other's labors.  It was also challenging to think of my call and was encouraging to me to continue sharing the gospel as God has called me to do with the people of PNG.  It was a long service, so our planned trip to the gym to workout and maybe play tennis didn’t happen.  Instead, we enjoyed playing Matt’s Wii were we battled it out canoeing, jousting, jet skiing and more.  It was a good time and then caught a ride back to Kudjip with the McCoys and Radcliffes who had enjoyed a day of bird watching for Father's Day.