Saturday, July 2, 2011

Waiting for a year

An old papa and his son come into my room and the son says his dad has a ring stuck on his finger and would like us to take it off.  I look at his finger and find a nut that was put on his finger, not a cheap thin ring, but a thick nut.  I ask what happened and they said, "A year ago, when he was sleeping some kids put it on his finger.  It has been on his finger for a year?  Yeah, but we are just coming in now.  Where do you live?  Banz." Which, is only 20 minutes away, but they still waited for a year.  As you can see his finger was quite swollen and there was no way this nut was going over his finger.  I tried a pair of bolt cutters and even a ring cutter - but they didn't work.  I was to the point where I was just going to amputate his finger, when Lydia Radcliffe brings over a pair of their household wire cutters.  This happened to be just the right size and after I snapped through one side of it, his son managed to snap through the other side and free the finger.  The nut had tore his skin all around his finger, and he couldn't feel or move his finger, so there is a chance that it will still need amputated, but time will tell.

A recommendation to anyone out there with a ring stuck on their finger, please don't wait for a year before seeking medical help.