Saturday, June 4, 2011


Everyone who comes to the hospital has someone with them who helps look after them, bring them food, help them go to the bathroom, etc.  The same is usually true for our clinic too, hardly anyone comes by themselves, there is always someone with them.

A lady recently came in with a dislocated shoulder that needed reduced.  I explained that I was going to need to put her to sleep and then reduce her shoulder and then she could go home when she got up.  She said ok, but she needed to get her watchman.  She comes back with a 7 yo boy, most likely her son.  So after we reduce her shoulder and get her in a sling, I go to speak to the her watchman to let him know what she should and shouldn't do for the next few days/weeks.  One of the other docs snaps this pic as I explain his mom's instructions to him, fully expecting this 7 yo boy to be able to remember all that I tell him.  Thankfully, she woke up soon after and I was able to share her instructions with her also, just in case he forgot something.