Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jessica, a miracle child

Jessica continues to be a little miracle child.  Over a year ago now she was in the hospital with a horrible CNS infection, was having seizures, wasn't eating or talking and was hardly moving.  After much prayers, lots of medicines and God's intervention, she went home.  After going she still had a long recovery.  Initially, she still wasn't walking very well, and could only say a few words and very slowly, but God has continued to restore her physically.  Just this past week, she showed up with her mom, dad and brother just as a watch family while I saw another patient.  It was great to see little Jessica alive and well, talking and interacting with me, walking without a limp.  The mute talk and the lame walk sure came true in her life.  Praise God for Jessica's live and the way God has worked and that her family knows that it was God's doing.