Saturday, November 26, 2011

The next Giant Pumpkin

So from the first Giant Pumpkin we had some volunteer plants come up.  We let a few grow and put one by the fence so that the Papua New Guineans would be able to get a closer look at it growing.

Last week, I was out in the garden and was going to get rid of the GP plant that had stopped growing.  My plan was just to open up the pumpkin and get out the seeds to give away.  Before I got to it, a group of guys were at the fence talking about the pumpkin, so I asked them if they wanted seeds.  I thought, I am about to destroy it and get the seeds anyway, might as well do it and give them some.  They were all excited about the seeds.  So I went over with my dirty shovel and I picked it up and thrust it through the pumpkin, this seemed like a very logical thing to do to me.  The reaction from the crowd at the fence was one of disbelief.  I think they thought I killed something or someone by doing that.  They assumed that we were going to eat it and so when I put that shovel through it and destroyed it, they thought I had ruined some pretty good food.  I tried to explain to them that we, especially me, does not eat the GP, but they asked if they could eat it.  Sure, you can try it.  So I took out some seeds and then chopped it up into smaller pieces  so I could lift them over the fence.  They were happy to take the pumpkin home, I don't know what they thought of it, they haven't come back to say, nor do I know who I gave it to.

The pic above is the Kudjip quizzing team that Bill is coaching that took a field trip to see the GP one afternoon after quizzing.