Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Caroling

Each year the missionaries get together to go caroling on the wards and hand out Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.  The docs usually try and get people home for Christmas, if possible, but there are always some who get to spend Christmas in the hospital and so we bring them a present and share the story of Jesus’s birth with them. 

We had little PNG kids be our Nativity guys and had a doll for baby Jesus.  On maternity ward, we borrowed a little baby Jesus, who was a great actor, playing the part of a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, he didn’t even have to change for the part.  We sang Christmas Carols and some of the patients joined in as we sang.  Our trumpet quartet played a few songs, we prayed for the patients and we gave gives to each patient as we wished them all a Merry Christmas. 

My sister has decided she wanted to contribute to the gift giving here.  So each year she goes to Kohl’s and buys stuffed animals and sends them over as part of the kid’s gift.  Last year I went with her to get the stuffed animals when I was home.  It is pretty funny walking up to the cash register at Kohl’s 3 full shopping carts of 20 iguanas and 20 lady bug stuffed animals and have everyone looking at you.  It also is a great opportunity to share about the work here, which God does here.  Megan’s boys also enjoyed helping and enjoying seeing the pictures of the kids with their animals from this year.