Saturday, December 31, 2011

A happy mom

Just before Christmas, Bill asked if I would be willing to help out in a C-section.  I am always eager to help, but Bill doesn't usually need help with sections, so I asked what was special about this case that required an extra hand.  As I found out, the mom was carrying her 3rd set of twins, after having 3 singleton deliveries.  That is 9 total babies, but 2 passed away, so she was about to have number 6 and 7 - and all of them under the age of 7 at home.

Most women who have twins are pretty big, but this lady was bigger than anyone I had seen.  We knew there were 2 inside, but were wondering if there might be a third hiding that we couldn't identify on ultrasound.  We knew she was at risk of having some complications in the C-section for a number of reasons - the twins were not laying straight and we knew we might have a hard time getting them out, she had carried 5 babies so she was at risk of having extra bleeding after the delivery and her uterus was stretched so big by the babies that she was at risk of having it not go back to normal size after delivery and as a result having extra bleeding after the delivery.  So for all those reasons, we set out together to do C-section.

Thankfully, we delivered a big healthy girl (3.4kg) and a big healthy boy (4kg) and the surgery itself went fine and mom returned to her small size again.  After surgery, we ran into some bleeding issues that we had been concerned about going into the surgery.  Thankfully, with 3 units of blood, medicine and lots of prayer, mom's bleeding stopped and she will be able to go home and care for her 7 kids.