Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last game night

The Pringles left our station this Monday after spending 3 months with us.  Scott cared for many women while he was here and his services will be missed by many.  They hosted all of us a few times at their house for food and games.  They taught many of us new games and introduced us to new foods.  They only played Settlers of Catan once and Tyronza wanted to play before they left, so with time running out we got a game going Sunday afternoon.  Rachel, Jordan, Karla, and I joined the Pringles for one last afternoon of games. 

We finished the first game at 530, and then started throwing around the possibility of playing Seafarers, a version most hadn’t played before.  Since none of us had dinner plans, we all went home, got our leftovers and shared them while we played another game.  I didn’t leave til 9 oclock, but enjoyed the fellowship and fun with these dear friends.  The Pringles head out for a week of scuba diving off the coast of Port Moresby before actually making it home to the US.