Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Sawyers

Allan (OB/GYN) and Teresa, Michael, Andrew, Anna and Amber Sawyer recently came for their 4th time to Kudjip to volunteer.  I first met Allan and Teresa at the Prescription for Renewal Conference when I was praying about where God wanted me to serve.  It was that same conference that I met Jim Radcliffe, which started things rolling for me to come here and serve through World Medical Mission's Post Residency Program.  Allan had nothing but good things to say about Kudjip, and recommended I come here to serve.  I am glad God directed me here, and now I have had the opportunity to serve alongside Allan here in PNG.  The Sawyers brought a family friend, Lindsey, with them, who stayed with me as they stayed next door in the McCoy's home.  I enjoyed having meals with them and getting to know all of them better.  They are great supporters of our hospital and of me and I am thankful for them.