Sunday, December 9, 2012

Your arm isn't suppose to do this

This boy broke his arm a year ago.  He was seen at other hospitals and told that since he was young, his arm would heal and he would be ok.  The bone did heal, but now months later dad comes in saying that his son can turn his arm somewhat backwards.  The child had no pain and could easily move his arm from a normal position to this abnormal one.  It hurt me just looking at him do this, but he was all smiles.  Unfortunately, I am not sure how well we are going to be able to help him here in PNG.  We don't have a lot of orthopedic doctors in the country and this seems to be beyond the normal orthopedics that we can do here.  I referred him to the best orthopedist around here and we will see what happens.  Pray that the doctor might be able to help him.