Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Father and Son combinations

Some boys grow up and want to be just like their dads, and others want to do anything except what their dads do.  Neither Josh McCoy or Ben Radcliffe planned on following the paths of their fathers, but those paths have now merged, even if for a short period of time.  

Josh is a National Park Ranger and EMT.  He came to spend a month with his parents (Bill and Marsha) and get some more hands on medical experience for his EMT job.   He has jumped at the chance to learn from his father.  He has rounded with him on the wards and shadowed him as Bill sees patients in the clinic each day.  He joins his dad at night on call, assisting in Csections, putting on splints and casts and more.  He has learned phlebotomy and gotten involved in a lot of things he would never have the chance to see or be a part of in the US.  When he isn't observing he is taking pictures and videos to capture what we do here for his parent’s next deputation services. 

Ben is a 4th year surgery resident, training at his dad’s alma mater in Columbus, Ohio.  He didn't plan on being a surgeon, nor being a missionary, but God has called him, and he and his wife Katherine, a FP doc, are praying and are interested in coming back here when Ben finishes his training.  Katherine is helping some in clinic, and looking after their 10 month old son, Simeon, while Ben is enjoying learning and doing surgery with Jim.  Simeon is enjoying getting to know his grandparents and Aunt Lydia and Uncle Josiah while his parents are working.  

The McCoys and Radcliffes have sure enjoyed having some of their kids home for a period of time and only God knows what may be in store for the future.