Friday, April 26, 2013

I was blind, but now I see

For 6 days she complained of a headache and fever.  The day prior to admission she went blind, she could only see light, nothing else.  When she came to us she was sick, her eyes were looking different directions and wouldn’t move to one side.  For 2 days in the hospital, the medicines we gave her were doing nothing, she couldn’t see, her head and neck still hurt, she wasn’t getting better at all.  I wasn’t expecting that she would recover well and was planning to tell the family that on day 4 or 5 in the hospital if there was no improvement. 

On day 3 of admission, I was going from bed to bed checking on the patients and I walked by a bed with 3 smiling, happy young women who were watching me.  I started to walk away, but then I remembered who this was.  I stopped and had to ask which one of them was the patient.  She proceeds to tell me that the afternoon before, she could just see and her headache went away.  I asked what happened, she said the chaplain prayed with her in the morning, and then in the afternoon she could see. 

I have no explanation for this, other than it was a miracle.  If it was the medicines we should have seen a slow recovery, not a complete healing in 2 days time.  We saw her and examined her when she came in and know that she wasn’t faking it, couldn’t fake what we were seeing and finding – she was blind, and now can see.  Praise God.