Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jim and Tanu

Tanu, is a man who has had cerebral palsy his whole life.  He can't use his fingers, so he has learned to do things with his feet, including typing on a typewriter.  Years ago, the Radcliffes befriended him and they have continued to keep in contact with him and help him with various needs ever since.  I had the privilege of seeing him in the clinic this week for some minor complaints and was amazed at how well he does given his limitations.  Thankfully, Tanu has some pretty good care providers, so he doesn't usually need to be seen very often.  

Papua New Guinea isn't an easy place to live for anyone, much less someone with a disability.  We don't have wheelchair ramps or sidewalks or anything. The wheelchairs go through the mud and over stony bumpy road just like everyone else does.  His wheelchair has taken a beating through the years, but is holding up.  Pray for him and his family as they continue to care for him.