Friday, April 11, 2014

A challenge ahead of him

My heart goes out to this kid.  He is blind and has been since birth.  He seems like a sweet little kid, very patient as he waits for his dad to guide him where to sit, or where the door is, etc.  As I watched him interact with his father, I found myself saying everything I was doing, so he would know since he didn't see my hands moving closer to examine him.  This led me to think about the road ahead of him.  Being blind can be difficult for folks in 1st world countries, where they have people who are teaching Braile, seeing eye dogs and more, but in the Highlands of PNG being handicapped in anyway can be quite challenging.  I haven't seen a seeing eye dog, or anything in Braile.  Pray that he would keep his sweet demeanor about him and that he would always have someone to look after him and guide him as he grows up.