Sunday, May 10, 2015

A day hike

Kids in the river
Our team starting out

Bird Watching

Bill clearing the trail
Our hiking team

Last Mountain
Kanye River
Zach, Bill, Lydia and I set out on a hike up to Last Mountain.  We picked up some PNG kids along the way to complete our team.  We quickly made our way up to 2 of the 3 humps of Last Mountain.  The mountain sits in between the Kanye and Kumul River, the kids suggested they knew a way to get to the Kumul River from the ridge we were on, so we started down the mountain.  We quickly found ourselves making our own trail through the bush, only to find out we were unable to make it fully down to the river.  So after heading down, we got to head back up the mountain and enjoy the views again.  On the way home we stopped in the Kanye River and cooled off in the river before making our way back to Kudjip.  We had a great day and got to enjoy some of the beautiful views that PNG offers.

Starting out on the hike

Enjoying the cool river on our way back
The beautiful view