Monday, May 4, 2015

Power - what a blessing

Larry and Aarlie Hull have been long time friends of Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.  Larry is an orthopedic surgeon who has volunteered at our hospital numerous times.  After retirement in the US, they have now invested in and continue to run the Madan Coffee Plantation here in Papua New Guinea.

We have been without a station generator for a number of years now.  We had a large CAT generator that never seemed to really work well for us and we haven't been able to get it fixed.  We recently lost our hydro power and even more recently lost our hospital generator.  Just as it seemed like we were in trouble power wise, the Hulls came to our rescue.  They learned of our situation and offered us a generator that they had and weren't using.

The generator is old and isn't computerized, which is great for us.  It is also very large (and came in it's own container) and is able to   run our whole station and then some.  Jordan has been working to get it hooked up and just this weekend got it running.  So when a transformer blew and left us without PNG power, we continued to have station power due to our new generator and Jordan and his team's work on getting it ready.  Power which enables us to have not only lights, but running water and cold food is such a blessing.

Thank you Aarlie and Larry for your generous gift, and thank you Jordan and maintenance team for the work to get the generator working.  Please continue to pray for our Hydro and for the parts needed to get it up and running and for the erosion to somehow lessen.