Sunday, June 14, 2015

Can't speak

When pts come into my room, the first question I ask them, is what is wrong, why have they come.  Often the watchman tries to answer for them, but I really want the patient themselves to to share what they are feeling, not to hear it through the watchman, but this time, only the watchman could speak.  The watchman told me that the patient woke up the yesterday and hasn't been able to talk since.

In front of me was a 50ish year old man who was a pastor.  He could understand everything I was saying, but he couldn't speak.  He most likely had a stroke that affected his speaking, something called Broca's aphasia.  Sometimes it gets better on it's own and sometimes it doesn't.

As I prayed for him, it made me think of Zechariah who went into the temple, saw an angel of God and came out being unable to speak, until John was named after he was born.  I prayed that Samson will speak again, that one day he will be able to communicate again to his church, his congregation and share all that God is doing in his life.  Pray with me.