Sunday, November 6, 2016

Patient Education

Part of caring for patients, is helping them understand their illnesses, how to take their medicines and what diet might be able to help them.  For the 200+ patients that we see each day, this can take a significant amount of time.

Instead of each nurse or doctor, taking time to education each patient they see, we have been working on have patient education times.  Currently, Esther has been spending time each Friday morning working with patients to explain Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Back pain and GERD.  It has been a great service to our patients and our staff to have a specific time where they can learn about their disease.

We are attempting to reach even more of our patients in the future, by making videos of the patient education talks, so we can play them in our outpatient area as patients are waiting to be seen.  We are thankful for Esther and her time and hope we can continue to help patients not only by treating their diseases, but by helping them understand them too.