Sunday, January 28, 2018

A new use for roller bandages

I have seen roller bandages used for their intended purpose of being like a bandage to wrap wounds, keep splints on, etc, but then creatively people have come up with other uses for roller bandages.  Recently, I have seen a little girl attached by roller bandage to a man who seems to be her grandpa.  I thought it was interesting that they were using the roller bandage as like a lease for the toddler, so she didn't run away.  When I met the family on the TB ward a few days later, I asked them why they always had the girl tied to the grandpa, and then they told me that someone tried to steal her, so now they keep her close.


This family is from the bush in the Jimi Valley, they are far from family, from home, and while they are here with the grandma getting treated, someone tries to steal the little girl.  I didn't ask more details of how they knew or got her back, etc, but was thankful that they did.  I can't blame them from keeping her close to them now.

I have heard of other kids almost being kidnapped, even to folks here on our station and their parents running down to the market to go and rescue them.  I can't imagine what it must be like for the kids or the parents in these situations, but I am thankful that, at least, in the times I am aware of, the kids return safely to their families.  We usually think of our station as a pretty safe place, and it really is.  Kids run around all day long playing without parents always watching them, and that is how it should be.