Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Meet the Woodley Family

Matt, Tammy, Elana and MJ joined our Kudjip Family back in November.  Since then they have been figuring out how to adjust to life and the practice of medicine in PNG, and doing a pretty good job of it.  

Matt is an ER doctor by training, but is learning how to care for OB pts, do C-sections, as well as rounding on the inpatient wards and seeing the clinic population and much more.  While he is learning a lot, he is also teaching us a few tricks with the US machine which makes IV placement in some patients easy.

Tammy is adjusting to caring for her family in a new place, with new foods and lots of changes, while homeschooling the kids and having to cook a lot more.  I got to be their first dinner guest for pizza one night and it was and just recently enjoyed a fun and very good beef stew dinner with them and the McCoys.  I think Tammy is definitely getting the hang of the cooking thing.

Elana and MJ are as cute as can be and we had fun playing Tenzi with them on Friday night, and learning all about their stuffed animal collection.

We are certainly glad God brought this family to us and we look forward to the years ahead together.   You can read more about their adventures here on their blog -