Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finished the quilt

After 2 days of working on the quilt, it is finished. On Saturday, with Gail's help, we pinned the 3 layers (top, padding, bottom) together, then quilted, then hand sewed the binding. It took us most of Saturday to get it done, but I got to enjoy the warmth of it last night.

We had t0 pin each square prior to quilting which was somewhat time consuming, especially since we had to borrow safety pins from almost everyone on station in order to have enough. The quilting pattern is called stitch in the ditch. The goal is to put the stitch right in line with the squares - the ditch. I call mine stitch close to the ditch, as I was often off one way or the other. It was somewhat difficult to roll up half of the quilt and shove it through the machine and still quilt in a straight line, but Gail helped by pulling from the other side. Handsewing the binding was also more challenging. I don't think I really had the pattern down, but Gail let me keep going as she did half and I did half. I sure came away from it all with a much better appreciation for quilters and all that they are able to do.