Monday, June 23, 2008

Nazarene Hospital Foundation

Dr. Todd Winter and his family have been to PNG a number of times. This time they brought a Work and Witness Team who are helping to build the volunteer house. One of the first times they came, they brought some donated medical supplies with them and realized what a blessing they were to everyone here. When he returned home, Todd continued to collect donated supplies and ship them over here a number of times a year. After a while, the shipping was quite expensive, so he started sending containers over to PNG a few times a year instead. From this, the Nazarene Hospital Foundation was born.
The Nazarene Hospital Foundation is a nonprofit organization which helps to supply Kudjip Nazrene hospital with medicines, medical supplies, and financial support that we wouldn't otherwise have. He has developed relationships with other agencies and is able to get things for next to nothing. For $2000 he is often able to get medical supplies or meds worth $250,000. Being on the receiving end of things, I know what a blessing his ministry is to us here. All the money that is contributed to Nazarene Hospital Foundation goes directly to the support of the hospital, it may go to ship a container or to buy supplies for us. For more information please check out the website, For those who are interested in supporting the work here of the hospital in some way, but don't know how, this is the best way to do it. They accept donations whether financial or other supplies. If you send supplies, make sure it is something that still works and can be used here, he has a list of things which are most needed. Thanks for your support.