Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sam's Mumu

Today was a big day for Sam. Sam just graduated from high school and in 2 weeks leaves to head to Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. He is going to be missed by lots of folks here both nationals and missionaries, so today was a day to bring everyone together at a mumu. Mumus are big events here, and Sam's was no different. He had 4 pigs, 60+ chickens, and over 300 invited guests. Lots of people gave pigs, chickens, or vegetables for the mumu, or gave their time to help put it all together. Some folks were up all night getting things ready for today. Sam was up all night, and this am killed the 4 pigs with a baseball bat and then they got the big pits ready to cook the food.

I am on call this weekend, but was able to make it down for some fellowship and food. As they were getting the food ready, some folks got up and shared a little. Pastor Robert, the pastor of Emmanuel church shared and then prayed for Sam. Sam's PNG dad, Simon (top R), Pastor John, and Andy also talked before Sam thanked everyone for coming and for their part in his life. After that, it was time for the food. They put the food in takeaway bags to make it easy for everyone. Often times at mumus they divide the food up based on who brought what, who helped, or who is family. Today they made no distinction, except for the fat. They conveniently made up special bags for the "white skins" that did not include the fat of the pig that the PNGers love so much (in pile is pic on L). The bags included chicken, some pig meat (I got the psoas muscle with vertebrae and spinal cord attached), kaukau, bananas, taro and asump. I ate the chicken and some of the pork and then tasted the taro (the Myers made me), before sharing it with a student nurse. Often as a result of mumu's people end up with pigbel from undercooked pork. The next 3-4 days should let us know if anyone got sick, hopefully not.