Monday, July 28, 2008

Now playing in McCoy Park: Mud Men

Some men from Goroka are working on the new hospital site. They asked Mike if they could do a traditional mudmen show for the Work and Witness teams. So tonight was their first show, their next is Friday night at 5:30pm for any who might be in the area of McCoy park.

Before they started they told us that this is how the people in the Goroka area, the Asaro Valley, traditionally dressed when they would go out to fight. Apparently they were quite scary to their enemies as they seemed like ghosts. They wore only mud, banana leafs, ferns, and a mask made out of clay. They said the mask lasts 4 yrs once it is made. After trying it on, I can verify that they are quite heavy. I also don't know how they see when they have them on, I sure couldn't see a thing.

For the performance, they walked around in their mud costumes while someone made a fire. I wasn't quite sure the significance of the guy making the fire. A few carried bamboo poles, likely weapons in a real fight. After they were done, we got to try on the masks and pose for pictures.