Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One lady's accessories

One patient, today, really made me smile. 2 ladies came in, one the "sikman," the other the "wasman." Initially, the sikman had her coat around her head, so I couldn't see her neck. I asked her to sit on the exam table so I could examine her, she took off her coat and sat down. I went to go and listen to her lungs and was struck by her necklace. I looked, and looked again and sure enough it was a phone cord. The kind that goes from the receiver to the handle. I didn't say anything as I looked at her earrings - paper clips. One was white, the other red, the plastic kind. I finished examining her and then asked if I could get her picture. I tried to ask her about her accessories and find out where she got them, but her and her wasman just laughed. I explained that I had never seen anyone wear them before, but that they looked nice, which they did.