Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby of Anna

I was on call Friday night and was in the delivery area for most of the evening. I had heard something during the day about a little baby who was abandoned and found by someone and brought into the nursery. So while I was there suturing a mom, the nurse told me about the little baby who wasn't breathing on her own. As I was working, I told her, I know, she is too small there isn't anything we can do. The baby weighs only 900 grams, this is very small. We don't have a neonatal intensive care unit, a ventilator, or any other specialized meds or equipment for this little baby. We started her on antibiotics, gave oxygen, and put the bag and mask at her incubator to use to help her breathe. When I finished suturing a patient, I went in to see the baby. I knew there wasn't anything more to do, I just felt I needed to see the baby since the nurse kept telling me about her. When I saw the baby, I knew I was wrong, there was more I could do, I could pray. I was captivated by this little baby in front of me, this little person whom God had created, who had ten toes and ten fingers, who had a heart that was beating, and eyes that opened, who was struggling to breathe on her own. I put my finger to her hand and she held on, how precious. I stood there for a while letting her hold my finger and praying that God would intervene and help her.
I didn't expect her to make it through the evening because she was having a lot of apnea (periods of not breathing). Saturday morning I was pleasantly surprised to see her breathing on her own more and looking pinker. I talked to Anna, the lady that found her, and told her we need to keep praying, so we did. Sunday, I went back to see how she was doing, and she is still holding on. Pray that God, who breathed life into Adam, may do the same for this small child of His. "The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being." (Gen 2:7)