Monday, April 6, 2009

Meghan heading home

This past Saturday a small group of us gathered at our circle to say goodbye to Meghan Harlan, including an elephant and toucan (not sure why Emma had these). Meghan joined us here for 3 months. She came as a volunteer and did a lot while she was here. She, initially, was very involved with the hospital dedication, and since then has helped out the McCoys in various projects, taught different classes at the MK school (including PE when I was away, helped organize the library and more. She enjoyed spending some time in the hospital shadowing myself and other doctors, seeing surgeries, and visiting patients on the ward. She also enjoyed hanging out with all the single folks who have been here. Unfortunately, they all took off, without her, to Madang with the Riggins and Radcliffes, so they weren't here to say goodbye, but the rest of us were. I went with the McCoys to the airport to see her off. She grew up in Oroville, Ca, where Bill is from and has a lot of family connections to the McCoys. She is praying about heading to India on another mission trip this summer, and hoping to eventually settle down and start a coffee shop. You can learn more about her time her on her blog