Friday, July 31, 2009

Update: Nason

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to Nason. Nason is a young man, about 20, with metastatic testicular cancer. We had been waiting for the chemotherapy to arrive and for his path report to come back. The path report diagnosed him with non-seminomatous mixed germ cell cancer. We knew he had metastatic disease, so this has helped to tailor his chemo regimen. In the time we were waiting a few things happened. 1 - his cancer grew, especially in his liver. When I first met him, I had been able to see part of his liver in between the metastatic disease, but now it is all tumor. 2 - he became a christian! Praise God for His grace. Once I knew he had cancer, I talked with him and his mom about the Lord. His mom was a christian, but Nason wasn't. We talked about life after death, and about our sins and Jesus's payment for them. I gave him a tract to read, and prayed for him. When he returned, I brought it up again. He told me he wanted to become a christian. I talked with him to find out what he believed, shared with him some more, then I prayed for him before taking him to the chaplain. Chaplain Moses, spent some time with him and his mother, and later reported he believes in the Lord Jesus, and is a christian. I was so happy, so thankful for the Lord's work in his life. I have started to give him chemotherapy. We are on the 1st cycle of 3. I am thankful that he is tolerating it well. He feels like the cancer has gone down some and a recent ultrasound agrees with his assessment, but we have a long way to go. I want the chemotherapy to work and to cure him. I continue to pray for Nason to live. I don't usually let myself get attached to patients, but Nason and his mom, Rose, have worked their way in. I know the cancer is very extensive throughout his body and there is a good chance he won't make it despite our efforts. However, I plan to keep trying. I am thankful knowing that if he loses this battle with cancer, he will be in a place without illness and where the Lord will wipe away his every tear, and I will one day meet him again. Pray for the chemo to work. Pray that he continues to be strengthened by the Lord each day. Pray for the rest of the chemo medicine to become available to us so we can finish the treatment that he needs.