Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Blessings

With the hospital closed we don't have many patients to care for, but we continue to minister and care for those in take up residence in our new buildings. Jonathon's home for the past few months has been A ward of both the old and new hospital. I, initially, admitted him with swollen lymph nodes of his neck with a concern for bacterial infection vs tuberculosis vs lymphoma and Andy has gotten the privilege of caring for him since. Shortly after admission he took a turn for the worse that we really can't explain. He no longer could walk, talk, was having seizures, wasn't able to move his limbs, wasn't eating on his own, we feared he might die, or a bed bound total care kid for the rest of his life. Praise God that isn't the case today. Dr. Andy has been faithfully caring for Jonathon, encouraging him, praying for him, having the chaplains show him videos, seeking out consults from all of us to try and figure out what else to do. It has been a long road, but Jonathon is now getting close to the time where he can go home. When I was on A ward today, Andy called me over to ask if I remembered him (I have seen him a few times here and there while on call throughout his time here), and it brought tears to my eyes to see Jonathon talking, walking, and saying he wants to go home. What a blessing, what a miracle this Christmas for him, for his family, and for Andy and the rest of us who are giving our lives to care for the sick of Papua New Guinea.