Friday, July 23, 2010

The McCoys are back

The McCoys got back yesterday afternoon following their 3+ months back in the States. They traveled some of their journey with Tom and Lois Staton. Tom is a retired ENT doc, and they are here for their 10th time as volunteers. We all met them at the circle to welcome them home to Kudjip Station.
It is sure good to have the McCoys back. I didn't realize how quiet things were around my house, until they came back and now I hear doors opening and closing, voices, and knocks on
my door. Aden and Wiley are sure glad to have Uncle Bill and Aunt Marsha back too, they have been over playing with them quite a bit in the past 24 hrs. Bill was back at work taking care of patients and in the garden working to improve what I've done the past few months. I was thankful for the opportunity to consult Bill on some of my patients today during rounds, and I think Andy was too. Now if I could just beat Bill at tennis.