Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ambane and his family

For the past 12 wks or so I have cared for little Ambane who has acute leukemia.  He has responded well to the treatment and is currently in remission.  Today was the last day I will see him for a while, so his whole family came in.

He is the 2nd youngest of 4 boys.  His mom or dad has faithfully brought him to the hospital each week to get his treatments.  He has done really well, only crying right at the point of getting the IV for the chemotherapy, otherwise he is a happy little guy.

As I saw this family, happy and smiling I couldn't help but think of another family this am that was grieving the loss of their 16 yo son to chronic leukemia.  We had been treating this 16yo for the past 3 years, but today his fight ended.  His dad thanked us for the care we gave him and said he looks forward to seeing him in heaven.  I pray Ambane and his family enjoy this Christmas, as there is no guarantee that there will be another for him.