Friday, October 14, 2016

Nursery Heroes

At Kudjip we have over 2000 babies born each year.  Thankfully, many of them are born at term and are big enough to go home with their moms after just a few days.  Some babies are born a few weeks or months early, and they get the opportunity to spend some time in our nursery.

Our nursery is probably pretty different than the picture in your mind.  Our nursery is nothing more than a 8 feet by 10 feet room.  We have a connection for oxygen, we have a few bassinets for the babies to sleep in, and we have a door that stays closed, thus keeping the room warm.  Outside of that, we aren't able to do anything fancy.  We can give the babies oxygen, IV fluid and medicine - but that is all.  We can't breathe for the babies with a machine, we don't have monitors on them checking their vital signs all the time.  We do have limitations, but Praise God, the limitations are limiting to Him.

Despite our limitations our babies grow, they get off oxygen, they develop and they get to go home with mom, not in a few days, but more like a few weeks/months.  We have a baby who came in at 900 grams and is now 1900 grams and should get home in the next few weeks.  We have a 700 gram baby that was just born at 24 weeks of gestation, but 4 days later, the baby is looking amazing.

The nursing staff is amazing at finding veins in the little babies to get them the needed IV fluid or medicines, putting small tubes in their noses to help them get the milk they need to grow, they deserve most of the credit for the success of our nursery, along with the moms.

The moms are the heroes of this place.  They end up living in this small 8x10ft space for the length of time their baby is with us.  I have walked into the Nursery in the middle of the night and found a mom asleep in a chair, another laying on the floor.  These moms are giving up their lives to help provide for the newest life they help create.  It isn't easy for them, the days are long and at times their doesn't seem to be an end in sight, but they keep going.  They let us know how well the babies feed, if they have peed and pooped, etc.  They become almost like another nurse in there, helping the doctors know what is happening with the babies making sure they get the best care.

Pray for these moms and babies.  For the babies to feed and grow and for the moms to continue to have the strength, patience and perseverance to keep going and keep caring for these little ones.